Monday, February 23, 2009

Putting Fundamentals

The golf season is nearly here and it's almost time to get back on the course. While preparing for the upcoming season, it's always vital to first know the fundamentals for each part of the game. I will be posting fundamentals for each aspect in the near future. Here are a few putting fundamentals for your review.

• Grip the club in a way that is comfortable for you. There are so many possible grips these days and it's up to you to choose the most comfortable for yourself. Use very light grip pressure and avoid tension.

• Get into an athletic stance with your feet shoulder width apart and slightly flex your knees.

• Ball should be positioned just forward of the center of your stance.

• Your feet should be in alignment parallel to your target line.

• Your eyes should be positioned over the ball which ensures they are directly over the target line.

• Keep your head and body still throughout your stroke.

• Use a pendulum motion for your stroke. Use your shoulders, arms, and hands together in one motion. Do not break your wrists during this stroke.

• Back stroke and forward stroke should be equidistant.

• Focus on solid contact with sweet spot of the club and hit the ball on the upstroke. Accelerate through impact of the ball.

• Follow through straight down your target line.

• The line and speed of the putt are the two most important considerations.

• Always use a pre-putt routine you are comfortable with.