Saturday, March 21, 2009

Improve Your Swing With A Mirror

An excellent tool to use for improving your swing is a full length mirror. Set up with a club and view yourself from the front view, side view, and back view. The main fundamentals to always focus on first will be your grip, posture, ball position, and alignment. The mirror is perfect for checking your set up and posture. Since I don’t have any professional pictures posted, look in any golf magazine and copy the posture of the pros at set up position.

Swing slowly and make sure your club is in the proper position at different points of your swing. Check to make sure the club is not going past parallel and that the club is pointing towards your target line at the top of your backswing. Make sure you are able to keep your balance throughout your swing and maintain balance in the finishing position.

The mirror can especially be beneficial if you are trying to make specific swing changes such as shortening your backswing or swinging on a more inside – out path. If you don’t have an instructor to watch every swing or you’re not using periodic video analysis, the next best thing is a full length mirror. This is the only way to watch yourself and make sure you’re getting the club in the proper position. Focus on one swing change at a time and work on it over and over in the mirror until it becomes a natural part of your swing. Once the first change has become ingrained into your swing, move onto the next change.

If you don’t already have a large mirror, purchase one for your basement or garage. If you belong to a gym, there are usually mirrors in the studio or group exercise room and this is a great place to work on your swing. Overall, using a full length mirror is one of the best tools to use for improving your swing, and can be great for working on your swing throughout the winter.