Monday, April 20, 2009

The 20th Hole Book Reviews

Here are a few book reviews of "The 20th Hole - Stat Book and Log for Golfers". All reviews and details of the book can be viewed at

How good would you be if you understood your stats on the golf course a little better? How many fairways do you hit from round to round? How about putts or greens in regulation? I’m a firm believer that an analysis of stats is the way to improvement. Statistics do not lie, and while I don’t need extra reinforcement to let me know that I’m in need of improvement, I relish the chance to pour through my stats.

One of the most unique aspects of this book is the feel. It feels like I’m learning and is similar to a school workbook or homework for golf. Now before you shudder, I should clarify, this is not homework that you are going to mind. Instead of worthless algebra equations and run of the mill geography lessons, you’re really helping your golf game. This book has space for quick comments, goals, achievements and every on-course stat imaginable. I would call it the ultimate record of course management!

Adam McCaa
Publisher – Prosnhackers Magazine

As a golf professional for over 30 years, I’ve seen many teaching aids and I feel this book is a quality and beneficial product. I would recommend this book to any golfer who wants to discover the ins and outs of their game. Tracking specific stats can help any golfer find out the true strengths and weaknesses of their game. Taking notes from lessons and practice sessions can provide a resource to look back and remember the most important and vital swing keys. A good product for organizing all the relevant information any golfer would need!

George Danielson
PGA Professional
Owner – Every Body Golf School

Of all the golf journals or logs I’ve seen, The 20th Hole is by far the most comprehensive. The various sections are organized to help a golfer set specific goals, track every stat, record notes and keys learned in lessons, track new shots learned, and record every golf record they’ve set. All in all, it’s a nice new product that can be of benefit to golfers of all skill levels!

Travis Shepherd
Manager – PGA Superstore

When I received The 20th Hole, I was skeptical. How could taking notes help my game? The only thing that I thought could help was playing and practicing more. Well, after using Matt Gullo’s book and recording some of my rather poor stats, my skepticism was proven incorrect. When I started recording information about my various shots; both good and bad, I started to see some consistencies that I never knew I had. Knowing specifically what shots to practice on has helped my game. It turns out that a few minutes of taking notes after each round can truly be helpful and The 20th Hole makes taking those notes easy to do in a meaningful and organized format.

Michael Balkind
Author of the Deadly Sports Mystery series
Sudden Death, Dead Ball
New York