Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In comparing the comeback of Tiger Woods and the first comeback of Michael Jordan, I see a lot of similarities and feel things will play out the same way.

When Jordan returned to basketball after his 1st retirement he was rusty but showed flashes of brilliance. In his second game back, he scored 55 points against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. He wasn't the same MJ as before the retirement, and he only played about 20 regular season games before making a costly mistake against the Orlando Magic as his team lost in the playoffs.

However, the following year, he lead the Bulls to an all time record 72 wins during the 95-96 season and they went on to win three straight Championships. He also won the scoring title and the finals MVP for those three seasons.

As we have been watching Tiger's return to competition, he has definitely struggled but shown flashes of brilliance just like Jordan did. He did come from behind to win at Bay Hill on the final hole but he still didn't have his complete "A" game for the tournament. He also shot a flawless 65 during the first round at Quail Hollow before ending up in 4th place.

I think most people would have to agree that it will be just a matter of time before Tiger puts it all together. He has said he doesn't expect his knee to be 100% until year 2. He will be working with Haney to fix the current flaw in his swing and his putting will only be down for so long.

It is really funny how many articles have been written about Tiger's latest struggles. It is true he is not on the top of his game, but he has finished in the top ten at the Masters, Quail Hollow, and the Players.

As Michael Jordan took a little while to regain form and completely dominate, Tiger Woods will be doing the same thing soon.