Monday, February 22, 2010

The Irony of Faldo and Nantz on Tiger

Transcript from the CBS Accenture Match Play coverage with announcers Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo.

Nantz: Lets take a break from the golf action and touch on the Tiger Woods situation. Sir Nick, what do you make of Tiger's apology?

Faldo: Well, I thought it was quite brave actually. Personally, I've had three wives, three divorces, and a slew of mistresses so I know how tough it can be when you are the world's number one player. Women everywhere. Just everywhere.

I could tell you some stories you wouldn't believe Jim. This one time, after I won the Masters...

Nantz: Uhh, Nick, we're on the air.

Faldo: Ok sorry, I'll save that one for later. But really, I am familiar with a scorned woman getting angry with a golf club. One of my college girlfriends got mad, took my 9 iron out of my bag and smashed up my 200k Porshe. I'll tell you Jim, the price of fame, the price of fame. People just don't know how hard it is.

What is your opinion Jim? Can Tiger's marriage recover?

Nantz: Wow, I just don't know. This marriage thing is just insane. As you know, I'm going through a very tough divorce and dating a girl half my age. I'm paying 72k per month in alimony. Brutal! Just think what Tiger will have to pay.

The amount of women that want to date a sportscaster is just stunning. Can't imagine how many would want to be with Tiger.

CBS Producer into their headsets: Would you two shut up already! Talk about golf for godsakes! McCord, Feherty, start talking about something funny!