Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bio-Visual Focus

Bio-Visual Focus. Sounds serious.

I received an email from a PGA Professional named Tracy Reed who explained his teaching specialties.

He has been researching the golf swing for over 25 years to find the secret of real consistency under pressure situations for competitive golfers. Over the last 5 years he discovered, tested, and proved that secret.

The results have been uncanny in the form of accuracy and distance. The best part is that the results come from just a few additions to the pre-shot routine with no changes to the golf swing. What he pioneered is called Bio-Visual Focus because he has uncovered a process for taking a golfer's mind from a conscious level to a subconscious level for each shot, allowing the golf swing to work at it's best without distraction.

Certainly sounds good in theory. Make your own judgement and check out his website at