Monday, May 17, 2010

Straight down the Middle

I recently received a copy of STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE from author Josh Karp.

In his new book, Karp tells the story of his journey to improve his golf game, as well as his overall life, through meetings with various experts in zen, meditation, and mental training.

Karp traveled around the United States as well as Scotland to meet with a wide range of people, including golf instructors, a sensei, a rabbi, and an assortment of different zen and meditation experts to find out the keys to gaining inner peace.

Along the way he experiences many ups and downs with his golf game while playing with an array of different characters. He chronicles it all in an amusing way, and describes in detail the new methods and techniques he's been taught, although at times he can't believe he's going through with it (such as massaging a dude).

This is an entertaining book for golfers, especially someone looking for ways to improve their mental game. Karp has put himself through one big experiment in order to find the best ways to lower his score and relax while playing.

This book won't provide you any boring swing tips. All in all, it will give you an interesting story of a golfer searching for his highest playing potential by improving his mental game.