Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Barkley Experiment

“I just like being out on the golf course. It's a place where I can enjoy some peace and quiet. When I go to the supermarket or the dry-cleaners, it's crazy, but when I'm out on the course on a beautiful day with the water and tall trees — I just enjoy it.” Charles Barkley

Fair enough. Barkley is a typical golfer in the fact that he enjoys getting out on the course to relax. The way he's different is the fact that he may possibly be the worst golfer in golf history.

We have all seen his swing over and over and know that he worked with Hank Haney to try and improve.

Unfortunately, nothing has worked as of yet so he's moved on to the next tactic.

Traditionally a right-hander, he hit his driver and fairway woods left-handed at the American Century Charity Tournament, hit most of his iron shots right-handed and hit a few iron shots using only his right hand.

Yes, you heard correctly. Some shots right handed, some left handed, and some one handed.

Maybe this experiment will work. And maybe I'll shoot 54 tomorrow.

Haney believes it may be possible though. He says he'll be working with Charles to become a permanent left handed player.

Either way, good luck Charles.