Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Better Divot Repair

I recently received a new short tooth design divot repair tool courtesy of www.betterdivotrepair.com.

According to the engineers who designed this tool, it is different from the millions of others out there in three ways.

1. Short tooth design - This tool has an abutment which prohibits the teeth from being inserted too far. This repair method involves just three or four diagonal pushes around the perimeter of the divot. Divots repaired this way heal faster.

2. Price - Purchased in quantities of 5000 or more, the price is .25 cents. At this price, they can be given away for free or sold inexpensively at the counter.

3. Advertising - For approximately .25 cents more, the tools can be labeled with full color vinyl stickers that adhere to the polycarbonate tool and last a long time.

I tried this out last time I played and although it took a little while to get adjusted to the shorter teeth, it still worked just fine.

This product is not a bad idea if you need an inexpensive way to market your own business or product.