Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bunkers, Bunkers, Bunkers

"The strategy of this golf course is respect for the bunkers. That's the whole key to this place." Nick Faldo, three time British Open champion

St. Andrews has 112 bunkers with names such as hell bunker, coffin, stroke, the beardies, and of course the infamous road hole bunker. The bunkers are sure to come into play this week, especially with the forecast calling for a lot of wind and rain.

Many players in the past have had their tournament hopes ruined because they ended up in the wrong place.

In 1995, Jack Nicklaus took four shots to get out of the hell bunker on the 14th hole and ended up with a 10 for the hole.
Hell Bunker

In 1978, Tommy Nakijima was in contention before hitting his ball into the road hole bunker where he made a 9, ending his hopes.

In 2000, David Duval took two attempts out of the road hole bunker before hitting the ball out backwards.

Road Hole Bunker (looks like fun)

On a successful note, we can always look to Tiger Woods, who in 2000 did not hit his ball into one bunker, which is ridiculous but not surprising from him.