Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet Wood Golf goes Old School

Sweet Wood Golf is a "luxury golf" manufacturer specializing in hickory shafted clubs, distinct leather goods and retro apparel. Founded in 2006, the company began it's mission to seamlessly combine classic elements with modern technology thus creating its own unique product mix.

Clients include golfers who have "everything", benefit & celebrity golf outings, corporate branding programs and more. With customization options (engraving, embossing & embroidery) for the vast majority of their products all items become truly original and personalized.

With original offerings from bags, wedges, chippers, exotic wood putters and of course Performance Hickory Shafted Irons (Soft Carbon Steel, Leather Slip On Grips, 100% Hickory Shaft), Sweet Wood Golf Company offers the fans of classic golf equipment many options to restore that traditional look and feel back into the game of golf. For more information please visit: or call 301 296 4426.