Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PGA Championship News from #1 and #2

Tiger could have a new coach. He had Sean Foley video his swing Tuesday and both acknowledged a future pairing is possible.

"The possibility is there. I'm just taking a look at him. The advice I would give any player is to have at least two people look at your swing," said Foley.

"Certainly it's a possibility, no doubt. But there's also a lot of other coaches out there that's a possibility, as well, that I've talked to," Woods said. "I wanted to have him take a look at it today on video so I can take a look at it, and that's what we did."

Foley works with Sean O'Hair, Hunter Mahan, and Justin Rose, and each of these players has had a lot of recent success. He also works with Stephen Ames, but the only thing Tiger might say about that is "9 and 8".

Phil Mickelson acknowledged Tuesday that he woke up 5 days before the U.S. Open and couldn't walk. He has since been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, taken medication, and the symptoms have gone away.

"I'm surprised at how quickly it's gone away, and how quickly it's been able to be managed and controlled," he said. "I feel 100 percent, like I say. But when I'm laying there on the couch and I can't move, you know, yeah, I had some concerns. But I feel a lot better now."

Also, after reading a book, he decided to become a vegetarian which I'm sure will bring up many future jokes.

Getty photos / Stuart Franklin