Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Foley discusses critics

Sean Foley spoke about Tiger Woods in this interview about all the criticism surrounding Wood's swing change and game. I really enjoy the stat he brought up about know-it-all Brandel Chamblee.

Here are some of the interesting quotes:

“The crap that these guys are writing – golfchannel.com and all these different avenues of pure judgment on Tiger."

“When did (Golf Channel analyst) Brandel Chamblee and (NBC’s) Johnny Miller and guys like that forget how hard golf is when you have conflict and you don’t have clarity?"

“Brandel Chamblee made 180 out of 398 cuts on the PGA Tour (in his playing days). Like, when did this become so easy for him? That’s like 43 per cent. You’re talking about a guy (Woods) who’s missed six cuts in his life. It’s just sensational. That’s what they do.”

“New days. New times. You’re absolutely probably an invalid if you don’t think what he went through hasn’t affected his belief system.”