Friday, July 22, 2011

Caddy Story #2: 10k for a hole in one

This story occurred when I caddied for one summer at Columbia Country Club in Maryland many years ago.

One day I got the bag of Jonathon Ledecky, a business man and one-time part owner of the Washington Capitals, who at the time was supposedly worth three quarters of a billion dollars.

Anyway, when we got to the par-3 13th hole, Ledecky announced to the foursome that if any player gets a hole in one he will give the caddy (me) 10 grand. Apparently he did this everytime at this particular hole.

After viewing these player's games for the previous 12 holes, I pretty much had no hope of any of them getting a hole in one, much less getting the ball close to the green.

As expected, the first three guys hit horrendous shots. But then, the fourth player gets on the tee of the approximately 175 yard hole and channels his inner Tiger Woods. He hits by far and away his best shot of the day, and as the ball travels high and dead at the pin, everyone in the group begins to take notice.

The ball lands a few yards in front of the pin, begins rolling towards it, but then breaks slightly to the right, stopping no more than two inches from the cup.

A variety of Holy $%^&#! cursing was yelled out by the group on the tee, including by myself. I have no idea if he actually would have paid me but he did say he would of taken out his checkbook and wrote it.

I guess the story would be better if the guy drained the hole in one but either way it was pretty crazy.