Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quotes from TNT Coverage of PGA Championship

Provided by TNT:

Bradley on how he feels going into the final round: “As soon as you wake up you can feel it but it’s a good feeling to have.  I’m in the mix and it’s where I want to be.”

Bradley on how he could use his inexperience to his advantage: “Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet with what’s going on and maybe I’ll be able to go out there without thinking about anything.  I think that will help.”

Baker-Finch on Keegan Bradley: “(Bradley) is unbelievable…fresh face, great attitude, great demeanor, he’s happy to do interviews and he’s just a breath of fresh air.  He’s a good role model for all the rookies to look up to.”

Scott on how he feels heading into his final round: “I’m feeling good.  It’s been a tough week.  It’s a tough golf course, it’s been a grind and any mistake is punished.  We’ll see at the end of the day how tough it is to back up.”

Baker-Finch on Bubba Watson: “For someone that hits it so far, (Watson has) got a really good touch and understanding of how to hit those little chips.”

Baker-Finch on the relationship between golfers and caddies: “The help a caddy can give a player…can add confidence to the player’s ability to hit a shot.”

Toms on how he approaches the 18th hole: “You have to do whatever it takes to make a four (on the scorecard)…whatever that is.  The way the hole is set up now, you really have to have a great drive and then decide what you want to do with your second shot.”

Steele on dealing with the pressure of playing in the final round of a Major: “It’s hard to practice for this kind of pressure on this stage.  I’ve definitely thought about it a lot and this is what you work for.”

Verplank on how his experience could come into play: “If I play like I’m capable (of playing), then age doesn’t matter.  I should have a lot of experience.  Hopefully, I’ll draw on the good experience.”

Verplank on his approach heading into the final round: “One shot at a time…hit good shots and add it up when we’re done.”