Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rory McIlroy shoots even par 70 despite injury

Rory McIlroy toughed out an even par 70 Thursday at the PGA Championship while playing much of it with a wrist injury. He suffered the injury when he attempted to hit his ball as it lay just behind the large root of a tree at the 4th hole. 

It was quite obvious in looking at the ball that he would end up drilling the root with his club as the announcers were describing but McIlroy decided to risk it anyway. It didn't end well as he hit the ball, then the root, the club flew out of his hand, and he hurt himself, just as David Feherty predicted.

After icing the wrist and getting checked out by a trainer, he continued on and played extremely well, although he let go of the club on almost every follow through.

"It's a very important tournament, and I'm still even par," McIlroy said. "I'm still in the hunt. So we'll see what the results are tonight, and if I can strap it up and play again tomorrow, I will."

The U.S. Open champion is seven shots off the lead held by Steve Stricker, and as long as the wrist holds up, he should make a run beginning Friday morning.