Monday, November 28, 2011

Monty gives golf lessons in war-torn Afghanistan

Colin Montgomerie recently traveled to Kabul to provide golf lessons and equipment to both troops and children. He demonstrated shots on a firing range in Helmand and gave tips to kids who had never picked up a golf club.

"These kids, they were born into war and grew up in war and it's been very difficult," he said, adding he hoped that the Afghans might qualify a golf team for the 2016 Olympics, where golf will be played again. "It is great to promote the game here to encourage the Afghans to have a team there in 2016."

Mohammad Afzal Abdul, the golf pro at Kabul Golf Club, dubbed the most dangerous in the world, hopes Montgomerie will inspire new players in their country that has seen decades of occupation, civil war, Taliban rule, and NATO-led military campaign. 

"Maybe when Afghanistan's security is better, maybe more golfers will come," he said.