Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiger brings the stinger back to arsenal

When Tiger Woods was running away with tournament after tournament, he tended to rely on a patented shot dubbed the "stinger".

The stinger is typically used when teeing off on par-4 holes, and is used for accuracy and positioning the ball for the approach shot.

He hits it somewhat like a knockdown shot, usually with a 2 or 3-iron with the ball positioned a bit back in the stance and with an abbreviated follow through.

It's an especially helpful shot on major championship venues or courses that tend to be hard and fast.

Woods began using the shot with his "Harmon swing" but was unable to pull it off towards the end of his time with the "Haney swing".

Now progressing with his swing changes into the "Foley swing", the shot was on full display at the President's Cup last week. On almost every par-4, Woods hit a low iron, made his stinger swing, and placed the ball down almost every fairway.

Woods biggest weakness over the years has been accuracy off the tee, especially with the driver. If he's able to continue progressing with his new swing, the "stinger" is going to be a huge weapon for him moving forward.