Monday, January 16, 2012

And then Vijay said to Sabbatini...

In a surprising episode, two of the friendliest players on tour got into a verbal altercation Saturday at the Sony Open.

Apparently, Sabbatini's caddie moved while Vijay putted a six-footer which caused him to miss. Vijay then had some choice words for the caddie, prompting Sabbatini to jump in and defend him.

“The only thing I told Vijay is whatever he was saying to my caddie is inappropriate. I was just sticking up for my caddie, who doesn’t deserve to be talked to in that manner."

It sounds like this one was Vijay's fault. Off the top of my head, Vijay has had problems with Woods, Mickelson, and now Sabbatini. Sabbatini has had problems with Woods, Crane, O'Hair, and now Singh.

Amusing. Hopefully they pair these two at the Masters.