Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rymer promotes pace of play month with 10 tips

Golf channel's Charlie Rymer has come out with 10 good tips to promote pace of play month. Please follow.

1. Move promptly: Proceed quickly to your ball and be ready when it’s your turn to hit.
2. Play promptly: Take 30 seconds, maximum, to hit your shot.
3. Be quicker on the greens: Read it. Hit it. Tap it in. Go to the next tee.
4. Treat the rules with discretion: Take no more than 3 minutes to look for balls and take relief.
5. Do your housekeeping on your own time: Start the round with tees, markers, balls and a ball-mark repair tool in your pocket. Replace headcovers while you walk. Write down scores on the next tee. Don’t make others wait.
6. Be cart smart: Drop off your partner and drive to your ball. When you leave the cart, take three clubs, not one. Park behind greens.
7. Be a good teammate: Know your playing partners' strengths and weaknesses; help them when it’s convenient, move on when it’s not.
8. Play the right course for your ability level: Choose a set of tees with a rating of 142 minus your handicap index. Or just tee it forward.
9. Demand accountability from the course you play: Ask them to set up the course properly and, most importantly, to manage the tee sheet responsibly.
10. Accept responsibility: Recognize that slow play isn’t just the other guy’s fault.