Thursday, June 13, 2013

USGA may lose up to 10 Million with U.S. Open at Merion

The USGA is expected to lose around 10 million dollars with the U.S. Open being held at Merion Golf Club this year. Due to Merion being much smaller than most U.S. Open venues, ticket sales were limited to 25,000 per day, down from the more standard 40,000-45,000. This will lead to less revenue in concessions and merchandise purchases.

Weather could also play a potential factor in lost revenue with severe weather expected for Thursday, Friday, and Monday, in the event of a playoff.

Even with the losses, Merion is a historical venue that the USGA wanted to return to at least one more time. Bobby Jones capped off the Grand Slam at Merion in 1930 at the U.S. Amateur, Ben Hogan won the Open in 1950 in a playoff, and Lee Trevino defeated Jack Nicklaus in a playoff in 1971 to win the Open.

“The place is just magical,” USGA Executive Director Mike Davis said. “From a golf standpoint, you could easily say it’s a landmark.”

The Design and History of Merion