Monday, March 10, 2014

Putting Greens by Pro Putt Systems offer a wide selection of standard and custom packages

Pro Putt Systems putting greens offers a great selection of both standard and custom packages for indoor and outdoor use. Pro Putt uses Mirage synthetic turf, the most realistic on the market, which comes with a 10 year turf warranty. The turf is placed on a base system which is put together like a puzzle. The base system lifts the turf off the ground allowing the ball to roll into the cup.  No tools are required for the installation. The greens can be ordered online, delivered to your home, and you install it yourself. This is the perfect product for serious practice, game rooms, entertainment, or golf rooms. Prices are reasonable as well starting at $799.

Standard packages include:

THE CLUB CHAMPION: Measuring 10 feet x 4 feet, this green is specifically designed to make you a money putter within 10 feet. 

The Club Champion Model
THE PRO PUTT TRAINER: Measuring 12 feet x 4 feet, this green is designed to fit into any room.

THE ULTIMATE PUTTING TRAINER: Measuring 12 feet x 6 feet, this green is the best for a variety of putting drills.

THE TOUR PRO MODEL: Measuring 13 feet long, it can handle putts of up to 12 feet and chips from up to 20 feet with an optional chipping pad.

THE EXECUTIVE TOUR PRO MODEL: Measuring 17 feet long, and 6 feet wide, this green can also have the option of undulating putts for practicing breakers.

THE GOLF SHOP MODEL: A total square footage of 120, five cups included, perfect for a golf shop.

Lower your handicap by 5+ strokes with an indoor putting green