Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tiger All Business in Return

A few observations on Tiger's return:

He handled the pressure beautifully by starting birdie-eagle on the first two holes.

He didn't seem to swing as hard as he used to. The only hard swing I saw was on his second shot on the par 5 for his second eagle of the day.

He said his short game had improved over the layoff and he was right. Looked great.

He had a few wayward shots but that is to be expected.

He was all business and didn't seem to be amused by anything. He definitely came to win. I think from here on out in Tiger's career, he will be even more serious as far as trying to get Jack's record. He now has the wife, kids, and his health back. The main goal now is getting to 19 majors. He will have tunnel vision until he gets there.