Monday, January 18, 2010

PGA Tour Tournament Ratings

Definition of watchable: Interesting or enjoyable to watch

While attempting to watch the first two PGA tournaments this year, I thought to myself a few times that they were almost "unwatchable", at least during the first three rounds.

I'm a huge golf fan and love watching tournaments, but there has to be reasons to watch without it being too boring.

I came up with a rating system with the main factors that go into how "watchable" a PGA Tour event turns out to be. Any yes, I realize I need to be doing something better with my time.

Each of the following five points is graded on a 1-10 scale. Add them up and take the average to get the overall tournament rating. The higher the number the better. As an example, Jack Nicklaus at Augusta in 86 or Tiger at Torrey Pines in 2008 probably hit a perfect 10.

1.The Field:
(Top ranked players, big draw players, exciting players)

2.Tournament Importance:
(Event level, prestige, $ involved, Fed Ex Points, exemptions gained)

(golf course, history, conditions, difficulty)

4. Story lines:
(Records set, comebacks, surprises, upsets, cinderella stories, meltdowns, etc.)

5. Drama:
(Overall drama coming down the stretch on Sunday)

I'll be grading the tournaments each week and providing the results during "The Monday Caddie". The Monday Caddie will discuss the previous week's tournaments, highlights, lowlights, story lines, etc.