Friday, January 15, 2010

Tiger News

Tiger has still not been seen in public but his name is all over the news.


Tiger supposedly is involved in making a 3 million dollar donation to Haiti which includes a cargo plane with a mobile hospital and 50 EMTs. This came about from rap mogul Russell Simmons tweeting about it.

However, Greg McLaughlin, president of the Tiger Woods foundation, has not heard from Russell Simmons and spoke about the situation in this article.

From Wei Under Par:
Now if you don’t have a spare million to donate, here are two simple, legitimate ways to contribute to the Haitian relief efforts:
  • Text ‘HAITI’ to 90999: This service was set up by the U.S. State Department. Texting “HAITI” to the number will donate $10 to the American Red Cross, and will appear as a charge on your wireless bill.
  • Text ‘YELE’ to 501501: This will donate $5 to Yele Haiti, a non-profit organization founded by singer and Haiti native Wyclef Jean. A donation to Yele will also appear as a charge on your cell bill.
Federer talks to Tiger:

Tiger's boy and world number one tennis player Roger Federer says he has spoken with Woods and said the following, among other things.

"The tabloids are going crazy, sponsor contracts are falling apart. I've always been aware that the image you patiently construct for an entire career can be ruined in a minute. Tiger needs calm. And soon he'll become the wonderful golfer that we know again," Federer said.

Els talks Tiger and Phil:

"Phil has really been working hard, and now his putting is coming around. I think Phil is probably the man to beat now. Even if you asked Tiger at the end of last year, I think Phil got right to his level throughout his game. I think there's a new guy we gotta chase."

Sorry Ernie, Tiger would never admit that Phil is better at any point, especially seeing that he ended the year with 7 worldwide wins, won the Fed Ex Cup, went 5-0 at the Presidents Cup, and won his last tournament played at the Australian Masters. Not sure how Phil could be considered the man to beat, other than for the fact that Tiger is on an indefinite leave.

Jackass of the Week:

I've been considering starting a new feature on this blog naming the Jackass of the Week. I'm not sure if there are enough to go around in the golf world but this genius wins the first award for making fake Tiger Gatorade labels.