Sunday, February 7, 2010

Johnny Miller comments on Tiger story

In my opinion, Johnny Miller is by far the most interesting golf announcer because he's not afraid to give his honest assessment. He has been known to be the most outspoken announcer and has grilled many of the player's decision making over the years. They even have a "Top Ten show" with Johnny Miller comments on the golf channel. With the Northern Trust Open being covered by NBC this weekend, he had his chance to talk about the Tiger story.

LA Times story

"Couple of things for sure," Miller said. "He's damaged the game of golf. It's been hurtful. He's lost a lot of respect and his integrity is pretty shattered right now. And more importantly he's injured his marriage and his family."

"He'll come back strongly because he's got so much talent, so much game but he'll have to go through a lot of media blitz. He's become almost bigger than golf, Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine type of thing. He's going to have to face the music and show he has done anything he can to repair his marriage and have some genuine sorrow in his voice and feeling from the heart to show he can change and make his life better."

Miller didn't really say anthing that wasn't already known, however, this isn't stopping golf fans from going nuts on this topic. Check out more details and quotes from the golf channel site as well as the comments.