Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brandel Chamblee = Mute Button

Golf channel analyst Brandel Chamblee gets paid to provide his opinions, all of which seem to be either wrong, or include him constantly flip-floping.

He has now joined sports personalities Chris Berman and Dick Vitale for people I have to turn the mute button on for. In the brief segments I did actually listen to him during Masters week, I was not surprised to hear the same old story.

First, he has been one of the biggest critics of Tiger Wood's swing changes and Sean Foley's teaching methods for the past nine months. He has repeated over and over that Woods is working on the wrong things and he won't find success with this new method.

After Wood's 66 Friday at the Masters, Chamblee all of a sudden states that Tiger looked to be in "complete control of his game," especially with his putting, and that he was looking like the Woods of old. As we know, Woods full swing looked great while his putting was slightly off.

The point is Chamblee has grilled Tiger for nearly a year saying that his swing changes will never work, but now all of a sudden he praises Woods for his improvement.

As for his opinions on Phil Mickelson, Chamblee said that although Lefty had a tough week at the Masters, he will certainly have many more years of success at Augusta and will most likely win it again. Then, literally less than one minute later, when speaking of Mickelson's arthritis, he said Phil will not be able to have much success over the next decade because of the condition. Huh? What? Chamblee, you just said the exact opposite thing one minute ago.

He then turned into Dr. Chamblee, giving his diagnosis for Phil's arthritis and describing how it will be treated, and the difficulty the doctors will have in changing treatment programs for him as the disease changes. Never knew Chamblee went to medical school. By the way, Mickelson did shoot 63-65 on the weekend two weeks ago to win in Houston so the doctors must be doing well so far.

The bottom line is Chamblee is the biggest moron on golf television.

7/26/2013 UPDATE: Tiger Woods has won four times in 2013 and is now number one in the world. Phil Mickelson has just won his 5th major championship and is now number two in the world. Unfortunately, Chamblee is still talking on the golf channel.