Friday, April 22, 2011

Golf List Mania

The new book Golf List Mania! by authors Leonard Shapiro and Ed Sherman is now available. Shapiro, with 40 years of sports writing experience with the Washington Post, and Sherman, with 27 years as a sports writer with the Chicago Tribune, have combined to compile a variety of both humorous and creative golf lists and rankings. The book also includes a foreword by everyone's favorite golf quote analyst, Jim Nantz.

Examples of lists you will see:

  • My Five Most Important Victories (by Arnold Palmer)
  • Why We Hate Golf
  • David Feherty's Best Lines
  • Great Caddyshack Lines
  • Ten Most Overrated Players
  • John Daly By The Numbers
  • Best Short Games
  • The Perfect Golfer
  • 10 Best Courses You Can Play
  • Biggest Chokes
All in all, the book provides an entertaining and vast array of over 100 lists describing the good, bad, and ugly of golf.