Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tiger Woods vs. Brandel Chamblee

It appears that Golf Channel management has forced host Kelly Tilghman to ask Chamblee questions about Tiger Woods because they know he will spout off more nonsense and create controversy. Obviously, whether Woods is playing well or not, he still is the big ticket item for the Golf Channel and they love to include him in every conversation they can.

First of all, everyone already knows that Woods did not play well at the PGA Championship, his swing is not grooved, and he currently is not at full potential. What people need to understand is that he had only played 9 holes in four months prior to playing in the WGC-Bridgestone. From there, he attempted to play the PGA Championship on an extremely difficult venue that had many of the world's best players struggling. The guy has not played consistently in two years, has had multiple injuries, and is in the middle of a swing change.

Chamblee said Woods is really about the 300th ranked player in the world, that most Nationwide players would beat him, and that he was in no way, shape, or form prepared to play on the PGA Tour. Way to kick a man while he's down Chamblee. Congrats.

I guess he forgot the Woods almost won the Masters in April before being injured.

In the past, Chamblee has repeated over and over that Woods is working on all the wrong things. Apparently, Sean Foley is the worst swing coach in the world and Woods just has no clue what is best for his golf game. I guess a player that has dominated a every level and won 14 majors doesn't know much about golf.

I guess if Chamblee is such a genius he must of had an extraordinary amount of experience playing in big tournaments. Here are his best finishes in the majors.

Masters Record: T18 (1999)
U.S. Open: T41 (2001)
British Open: T66 (1987)
PGA Championship (Missed cut all three times)

So let's see here. A guy who missed the cut in all three attempts playing in the PGA Championship is absolutely grilling a guy who has won the PGA Championship four times already and only missed one cut in 14 attempts. Not to mention Woods still will play in the PGA Championship with a legitimate chance to win for the next 10 years.

It would seem Chamblee would understand how difficult golf can be at times, especially being a player with one PGA victory in comparison with the 71 PGA Tour victories that Tiger has.