Thursday, November 10, 2011

John Daly pulls a John Daly down under

John Daly has done it again in fine fashion. At the 10th hole of the Australian Open, he played the wrong ball on accident, took a penalty, missed a gimme putt, and ended with triple bogey.

Five minutes later, the television announcer says, "We have word of a developing situation back at the 11th hole." Sure enough, they cut to Daly blasting a ball into the water at the par-5. He attempted to hit the green in two shots but hit seven balls in the water. He ran out of balls and walked off the course.

If any golfer out there needs to see a mental coach, it's Daly.

Golf Australia's director of tournaments, Trevor Herden, condemned Daly's actions in the strongest terms and said: "I would say this is the last time we'll see John Daly in Australia.''

This is certainly not the first time Daly has blown up on the golf course as he's withdrawn numerous times and is on the list for highest golf scores of all time