Monday, January 2, 2012

Brandel Chamblee earns 12.5% approval rating

After the Masters in 2011, I wrote a post titled Brandel Chamblee = mute button because of the constant idiocy coming out of his mouth. This post had 16 comments added by readers of this site with 14 of them being negative. By my math, that gives Chamblee a 12.5 % approval rating. This is obviously an extremely small sample size but if a much larger poll was taken, I'm sure the results would be similar.

Here are some excerpts of the comments added about Chamblee and if these demonstrate what the golf public thinks of him, it makes a person ask two questions. Who hired this guy? Why is he still on TV?

"Chamblee is a complete joke. All he does is criticize everyone on tour. Especially Tiger, he needs to clean Tiger's clubs and shut his mouth."

"Chamblee is an idiot."

"Maybe when Arnie P. sobers up he will come to his senses and fire the dumb ass."

"Chamblee comes across as a sanctimonious stuffed shirt, cast from the same mold as the imperious, overly pompous Rich Lerner."

"Chamblee makes the Golf Channel look bad. He must do damage to the bottom line -- I don't linger very long when Chamblee appears onscreen. Absolutely horrible and biased."

"I am new to the Golf Channel and have really been enjoying most of what they do. But I totally cannot stand this cocky know-all. His brash, mouthiness runs directly counter to the civilized spirit that separates golf from a lot of other pro sports."

"Chamblee was a hack as a golfer, tries to be Johnny Miller as an analyst though he has neither the experience or the knowledge to make comments on pressure situations."

"He reminds me of my mothers toy poodle always barking for no apparent reason." 

"His delivery and attitude make it almost impossible to actually listen to what he says on TGC."

"Brandel Chamblee has outworn his welcome in giving opinions. Logical inferences from his statements show he really wants Tiger to fail." 

Although I can barely stomach listening to Chamblee for more than a minute, I did end up taking the time to also post Tiger Woods vs. Brandel Chamblee after listening to more ridiculousness.

It seems that by now, the Golf Channel should know that by far and away, Chamblee is the most disliked analyst they have.  They must be sticking to the strategy that bad publicity is better than no publicity.